I was going through stories here shared by people around the world about how COVID-19 has affected their lives. So I also thought I’d share my own story too, about how this pandemic has affected me and my family.

I am a small-town boy residing in the Northern part of India. We are a small family of four people which includes my parents and my wife. I am a full-time traveler and photographer. Moreover, I have my own YouTube channel by the name of N2Ntravelers. My profession is to travel and show people through my vlogs and photos how beautiful the world is. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all my travel plans were affected.

The second wave across the world has put severe pressure on people’s health and minds. People are now terrified; there’s a lack of oxygen in India, and the death rate is increasing day by day. It is advised by the government to stay home and be safe, however, that is easy to say and very difficult to implement. Whereas people like me who are in the self-employed sector cannot afford to sit home. I had plans to go for a road trip, but it was cancelled, I do not know when I can travel again. Even my parents were affected by this a lot because government official salaries and daily allowances were deducted. I really hope that this COVID-19 situation gets under control soon, so that we can get our normal lives back.

At last, I just want to say: Please be safe and take good care of yourself and your family, I know we all get frustrated sometimes because of this difficult COVID-19 situation but let’s all hope this horrible virus will go away soon.

P.S. –Stay optimistic & not positive!