I am Afif S., from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I work as an Assistant Director of Automation at National Defense University. Our office is closed for the past 2 months. At first, I was enjoying it but now I am bored because I don’t have anything left to do at home but still I am trying to make the most of this time.

For the greater part of the individuals around the globe today, the ongoing COVID-19 glimpse into how delicate and flighty our lives can be is a bizarre situation. The infection which has changed the manner by which a large portion of us live, work or play out our essential everyday capacities is proceeding to build its grip at a disturbing rate with the effect being felt at various levels, bringing about the financial stoppage, business interruption, exchange preventions, travel obstacles, open separation, etc.

What worries me the most is the behavior of people in this bizarre situation. They are not taking it seriously here because they think that it is just a virus and the government is just exaggerating the facts to get funds. The poor people are in a very bad situation right now because of the lockdown and it is very hard for them to find work.

These are testing times for me, however, the one thing I know is that my best reaction depends on participation and network construction than sit at the core of my development. I also started learning new technologies and doing my best to make this time fruitful.