When the lockdown was instituted in Poland, myself and a large group of foreign workers were not able to work due to the restrictions. Having no information on what we’re supposed to do, most of us stayed in our hostels waiting for the economy to reopen.

With no stable source of income, some of us were forced to borrow heavily so as to support our families back home and facilitate our responsibilities and daily needs. Even though we are now back to work, we still don’t have adequate and proper access to information. It is a difficult situation and we hope for the best. Being a foreigner and trying to make a living far away from home is not an easy task.

Sometimes you have no money to even buy food, transport, and even medicine. Having been diagnosed with COVID-19 on two separate occasions and coming out alive is a miracle. I think that coronavirus has made people more aware of good hygiene practices and it has also made people more aware that they need to protect themselves.

In hindsight, as much as many people were not prepared for a pandemic of such proportions, we have more information now on the Dos and Don’ts in regards to keeping ourselves protected.

As for me, I am grateful for the opportunity to work and make a better life for myself and my family. The pandemic has taught me the importance of family now more than ever. I believe that once people start getting vaccinated, we will see a reduction in infections and hopefully more lives will be saved.