Hi… I am Ulrich L., Deutcher 52 Years old. I would like to tell you about the situation after COVID-19 came to the world, especially in my place, Goettingen. The fact is, dealing with this virus all over the world is worrying and terrible. However, our life must go on. Fortunately, Deutcher obeys the orders and follows the instructions from the government on how to behave during this situation. Some public services, such as kindergarten schools were closed and stopped their activities for uncertain time.

As a public bus driver, my activities remain as usual. But as I see it, the number of passengers is reduced. It seems that many people choose to take a taxi or stay at home. Social events such as barbecues and others are almost non-existent. Coincidentally, when spring starts, it may be that many people postpone various events that were arranged before.
Our family has been storing food reserves for every two weeks. But sometimes my wife goes to Kardstad (to buy meat, milk, eggs, and alcohol. Of course, there are many changes in our activities and habits, as well as in other people.

The last information I saw on television, the number of people who died in all of Germany because of COVID-19 reached 2500 people. Maybe this data will still change. We all hope that this situation will return to normal and COVID-19 will soon be over.