I am Yolima R., but my friends call me Yoli. I am from España, I am 38 years old and I work in the health sector, in the area of ​​dentistry.

With COVID-19 I changed my lifestyle and work. Since we cannot work for dentistry they enabled me to perform triage and proper handwashing training. Now I have 12 hours a day and night and my normal dentistry schedule was only 8 hours and only daytime.

With this pandemic, we work every day and in different places, between qualified health centers and hospitals. I must also interact with more professionals and with all specialties. I must impart correct information and education to the public on handwashing every two hours and define if the patient really requires an emergency or not, tell them where they should take them to a priority appointment to claim orders where the pediatric service is now provided and that X-rays are enabled.

With COVID-19  my life has been filled with fears and I know that I must take care of myself and take care of my family with the protection elements and the arrival of my house is an arduous task since I entered.

I must take off my shoes and from the first day the pandemic started, I could not get other shoes. I must load a spray of pure alcohol and spray on them, remove them and put them in a bag and spray my clothes and go super fast and at that moment my children and my husband are not there, come to the patio to take off everything and have a container ready, with soap water to deposit my clothes, hair accessories and other belongings that I have used. Then I wash everything very well and go to the shower, wash with plenty of soap, and at that moment apply again alcohol, gel, and glycerin to be able to enter the room and talk to my children and my husband.

I get depressed since hugs and kisses have to be postponed until further notice and so my week goes by exposing my life, my health, and that of the family to go to work and be able to contribute a grain of sand to health and to so many people who come to ask for help.