I’m in the UK. 61, female. My last day out in the community was on 11 March 2020. My 1st symptoms were on 1 April 2020. Gagging in throat, chills, diarrhea, extreme tiredness (over 24 hrs). Then 4 days bad nausea and no eating. Loss of taste (not a recognized symptom then)  Day 5 face rash. Red bumps. Treated for shingles with Aciclovir but warned could be COVID-19. I felt okay for 2 weeks apart from exhausted.

Had repeat of all original symptoms on week 3 but slightly milder and new rash all over feet with purple lesions on toes. Breathing difficulty in the right lung (deep irritation feeling) with shoulder pain and clicking on movement with vibrating right chest wall when speaking. Better for heat and immobilization. Phone triage with doctor prescribed amoxycillin for possible chest infection. The doctor was not sure if COVID-19 but told me to self-isolate. There was no testing of non-key workers in the UK at that time. Some improvement following antibiotics but appetite not returned. Stone weight loss. Exhausted when taking small walks. Struggled for a few weeks with breathing difficulties and random sore throats and mouth sores. No temperature or coughing at any time.

Rashes on the face hands and feet still marked. Week 8 contacted the doctor again (only phone triage available) discussed probable COVID-19. 2nd round of antibiotics prescribed. Discussed possible pneumonia. May need a chest X-ray. As of 7 June 2020 I’m struggling with breathing (Sat’s 96) and tiredness.