My name is Ani A. from the Republic of Indonesia, I live in a place called Lodo-Hu’u, Dompu Regency. I am the first child, aged 19 years, my younger sister is a woman named Hafsah. My father is dead. My mother named Sanuria, now works in Saudi Arabia as an Indonesian Female Laborer (in Indonesia called TKW). Right now my brother and I live and are looked after by my grandfather, in Lodo, about 40 kilometers from the town of Dompu.

Here is my sad story:
Before coronavirus came, I and my sister Hafsah lived with my grandfather (Abdul Kadir, 80 years old). Our life was simple and we had enough food. I am not in school, my sister Hafsah is still in grade 3 junior high school. For daily life, we eat less rice. Indeed, sometimes there are deficiencies in food and other shopping needs, but they can be overcome. My mother sends money from Saudi Arabia every 3 months, the amount varies around 3 million rupiah. Finally, she sent money on March 15, 2020. The money was used up to pay off debts and living expenses.

Now, since coronavirus became a frightening plague, our lives have begun to change, unable to freely meet the people in our village. When we didn’t have anything to eat, I went to the garden to get cassava, sweet potatoes, and leaves to eat. Rice, sometimes there is, but most of the time it is not. Now for cooking, we use firewood. Because for every rupiah available, we use it to buy 3 main things: food, cooking oil and soap. We hope that this disaster will pass quickly. We are not ready to starve to death.