I am Claire and I want to tell you how the virus has affected my life personally.

I think I got the virus early March. I never got tested but with the symptoms I had, I knew and I felt I had it. Cough, colds, body pain mostly chest pain when you breathe, loss of sense of taste. I followed all the precautionary measures and had myself quarantined for at least 2 weeks. I felt better. But for some reasons, I felt the symptoms again a week after. I have read in some articles that even if you survived the virus, your body can get it again, and stronger symptoms. Which I did. I felt bedridden. I could hardly move as my body was in so much pain. And this time, I decided to have myself tested. POSITIVE.

The doctor has mentioned that what I read in the article is true. And that I most likely have the virus for the second time around or the first one never left my body. I almost lived in the shower to steam my body in the bathtub. This time even spicy food I couldn’t taste. It was the worst. Another couple weeks have passed without failing to do the precautionary measures, and I am finally cleared and am feeling much better. My lungs are sore but I can finally breathe without pain. I have more energy but still not as much as before all of this. I’m shaky still but am improving every single day.

I am happy, I love life and I appreciate the earth and it’s beauty so much more now.