COVID-19 started this year in China and it has spread throughout the whole world. It all started as a joke but eventually turned out to be a serious disease, none like it have I seen since my birth. It has spread tension in various parts of the world, lockdown restrictions put in place including in Saudi Arabia where I work. This is the first disease that I have seen placing the entire world at risk whereby populations have to stay at home in order to be safe.

Because of COVID-19, my boss no longer pays me on time because she does not have money since she is not working. I have needed to buy a new phone for quite some time since the one I have is damaged but I haven’t been able to because most shops are closed and it is really hard to get most things.

Since transport is expensive during this lock down and banks are closed, it has not been easy sending money to my parents. Even in cases where I have been able to send, the charges have been very high, almost double or triple compared to what was previously charged. Movement has also been hard on my side because, in order for me to move from one place to another, I have to pay for a letter that permits me to move.

I have experienced financial loss since my children are not going to school anymore because of COVID-19. I had paid school fees for the whole year but with this period of not attending school that money has gone to waste. What worries me the most is that airports are still closed and I am not sure what will happen when I finish my contract at the end of this year because I actually have to travel back to my country and renew the contract.

On the positive side though, because of these movement restrictions, I no get to work outside my boss’ home as I used to in the past. She used to take me to her relatives to do some chores for them but that is no longer possible. The downturn to this is that they get to come over every Thursday and because of the too much chatting and noise, I can barely sleep.

In conclusion, all I pray for is that this pandemic ends by the grace of God so that we can live and enjoy life as we used to.