I am Nurunnahar A. from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Working at an IT company as a senior computer officer. We have to do work on software which is provided by our firm. Since 26th March the country is on lockdown, so our company is as well. Our company is testing their new software so we can do our work from home.

As I am free now, I spend most of my time cooking. After a long period of time, my whole family comes under one roof again. Before the spreading of COVID-19, I don’t have much time to cook. But because of COVID-19, I have to stay home all the time. So there is time and time to cook. I happily make delicious food for my family. Instead of being lazy for staying home, I work hard in the cooking room. So I don’t think I am free from my work. Though I miss my workstation at the office.

There are two parts to every option. COVID-19 has given us a good part and a very bad part. The good part is, for the COVID-19 we can now stay home, save some earnings, know some of my unknown neighbors. The bad or worse part is, we have to stay home instead of work.

My office guard is a low-middle economy person. He was so ashamed that he has no savings money. But somehow our colleagues know that. And our office member made a committee and helped the low-middle economy persons. The government and different foundations are coming forward to help in different criteria. Following concerns over the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors and nurses, five organizations approached Marks & Spencer with a request to produce 400,000 suits for doctors and nurses.

I want to go to my regular life. Where I will be working at my office, my children will go to study, etc. In order to do that, we have to maintain the things WHO told us to do. Please “Stay Home and Stay Safe and Help the poor people.”