I work as a sales representative and my task is to deliver medicine and supplies to all the pharmacies and clinics in the states in my country. My job requires me to cross districts to deliver medical products on time. I know my job is of high risk, as I have been coming in contact with the front liners.

I’ve undertaken the COVID-19 test about three times as I’ve been in close contact with some of the people who tested positive, but I’m lucky enough all the tests turned out negative. Being in close contact with my infected friends, affected me as I was required to be absent from work for short periods. Luckily, it didn’t affect my wages being deducted and also my work performance. Furthermore, the government announced a restriction that we are not to cross districts unless it is necessary, but again, this does not affect me because medical supplies are allowed to be delivered because they are essential to pharmacies and clinics.

The thing that affected me most was that my wedding plans have been deferred since 2020. Also, the plan of moving into my new house was delayed due to the slowdown in the construction progress. The contract was extended by the construction company because it’s hard to get the building resources they need from the store. Until now I can’t move in and my new house is still left halfway complete. All the plans for now and the future have gone down the drain.

Also, in our state, we have the lowest population of people who got the COVID-19 vaccine due to supplies being limited in our country. I hope the government can deal with this issue as soon as possible before the rapid spreading of COVID-19 cases. I will keep all the patients in my prayers, my friends, and also my family that they may all get through this wave.