I am Czar K., 25 years old, HR Professional who loves to travel. I’ve been to Hongkong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and currently on lockdown in the USA.

Months before the lockdown, we all didn’t expect that there will be a pandemic happening. I’ve booked a ticket to SG to celebrate our 5th anniversary in July. I’ve also received my multiple entry visa to the USA and I was so thankful for that. This multiple entry visa means that I can visit my relatives anytime I want, and finally have a glimpse of that American dream!

A week before the lockdown, I can still remember the day when one of our employees told us that he had contact with a positive COVID 19 patient. I was so anxious, nervous, and didn’t know what to do. I worried about our employees and the people she had contact with. I worried about myself because I was able to have a face-to-face interview with her. After all, she applied in one of our roles internally. When I found out that one of our employees is currently on quarantine, I told our executives about it so we can create and update our contingency plan.

Days before the lockdown, March 16 to be specific, is our flight going to the United States (What a time to travel!). To be honest, I don’t know what to feel. It’s not the same feeling when I used to visit other countries. I got afraid and wished that our flight will be canceled. But, NO. That 16-hour flight got me really anxious since every passenger on that plane shares the same air! And now, here I am, landed, and finally got a glimpse of that American dream…indoors!