I am a teacher at an educational establishment, my name is Elsa and I live in Lima but I am from Colombia. Since my childhood, family ties have been the basis of our training; constant visits to my mother and my brothers are essential for our emotional life. All of this has been affected by COVID-19. Visits have already been canceled, my mother traveled with one of my sisters to a place outside the city, where my mother was calmer and I have not visited my brothers, my daughter, or my granddaughters again.

The family environment is detrimental, even if there are advanced means of communication, video camera, and so on, they do not replace the essence of hugging and contact with our loved ones.

With this pandemic, I feel emotionally more vulnerable every day, our prevention when going out is notorious, we all avoid brushing against anyone, that state of expectation is exhausting. Hopefully, we will soon return to our family meetings and normalize school work, because my work is notoriously stressful, I must be connected to my computer all day and every day because my students and colleagues need my support. I initially liked it, but as time goes by I see that I no longer have time available, much less rest.

Hopefully, this pandemic soon goes and it leaves a good lesson for all of us, to be better human beings, to risk doing something that we thought we were not capable of. That it has served us to get to know people better in the distance or closeness, so that you stay with those who really bring happiness to your life, we cannot get out of this being the same people.