Hi, this is Usama from Islamabad, Pakistan, I am a computer engineer. I worked in a well-known company based in the USA.

Speaking of COVID-19, this pandemic has brought troubles to everyone and on me personally as well. At the start of this pandemic, I got laid off from my job and that was quite depressing for me because being jobless is the worst thing for me and a person cannot handle it if it happens at a very crucial time like this.

When I got laid off, I thought that it might be the best time to learn something new so I started searching and learned new things and did a lot of certifications but still, I am unable to secure a good job because of the coronavirus outbreak. Most of the offices are still closed and they are already running out of budget and no one is accepting any new inductions but thanks to God that I have some savings on which currently I am living during this period.

In our country there are no facilities for the jobless and the behavior of government is not so good, therefore we had to manage things on our own. I am anxiously waiting to hear that this coronavirus is no more with us and I am sure this whole chaos will end. I am quite hopeful that this will end soon and life will be normal again.

I hope you and your family are safe from this pandemic. Thank you!