My name is Sohail R. I live in India, State, Bihar. The pandemic Covid 19 has affected me a lot.

I work as an employee in a finance company with a stable income. Everything has its own merits and demerits the same way coronavirus has affected me both ways.

Earlier, we used to work in the office to achieve its objectives and goals, that enthusiasm vanished all of sudden, now after the lockdown, we are supposed to be at home. An initiative to work from home has been started but the energy isn’t the same.

Every single being present in the world is suffering, this quarantine period has taught us money is not the only thing which must be given importance, health must come first. This pandemic has hit my financial condition badly as everything has stopped, I now have to think several times before spending money before the lockdown I used to meet my friends regularly but it’s not possible but on the brighter side it has given me time for myself hence in this lock down I have challenged myself to become a better version of myself and everyone must do the same.

Everything will come to an end and so will this pandemic, so we must utilize this time wisely.