Hello everyone, my name is Ankita D. and I am from Siliguri, India. I am a business woman from a small town in India. My husband and I run a grocery store with the help of some employees. Our business was originally started by my husband but I am also keen on working therefore I help him in it, be it accounting, inflow or expenses. I believe that this has really helped my husband as well as me. My education didn’t go in vain.

We also have a son and he goes to primary school therefore we had kept someone at our place to take care of all the household things. Since the lock down, it has been quite difficult to manage things. People are barred from going outside homes unless there is an urgency. Our helper has not been able to make it to work so I have to stay home most of the times to look after the home and our son.

Since it is a grocery store, we are allowed to open it for limited hours as people need essentials for their home. It’s difficult to commute to the shop and come back home again and again. Thankfully, one of our loyal employee Raman has quite been diligent. He lessens our pressure and is helpful at most times. Our other employees have been to their home town before the lockdown was announced.

The lockdown has affected our business a lot. People seldom come to the shop. However, they take stuffs with them that would possibly last a couple of weeks or three. My husband takes care of all the things while I manage the accounts at the end of the day.

Being a businesswoman, I had not cultivated much hobbies. Neither did I get much time to spend with my kid. While at home I make snacks, exercise and tutor my kid on regular basis. Things may get better very soon and I’m very hopeful.