COVID-19 came as a surprise and it left a scar on the hearts of every human being. It is hard to say the statement COVID-19 without thinking about the huge numbers of people who had coronavirus and sadly, some have lost their lives to the disease. This disease has made me realize that we humans are the same despite different cultures and races, and we all want the same things and we are all scared at times.

For me, fear got the best of me these many past months during the pandemic and in truth, I am still fearful of COVID-19. I have always made sure that I follow the safety guidelines to keep myself and my family free from any exposure to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms. I was alarmed when I woke up to the news that my brother had the bad flu. He had specific pointers to show that his flu was severe and anything could point to COVID-19. It was then to my surprise when everyone in the family also had the flu. Questions were flying through my mind and I had no specific answer to any of them. I thought about what if we had the virus? What did we need to do about it? Well, after some weeks, with constant medications and quarantine everyone in the family was able to regain their full vigor.

We still remember how scared we were to go for the test and we laugh at what a silly decision we made. I knew that I would be affected psychologically and I remember how in denial I was because I refused any idea to even think that the flu I had was coronavirus. I wasn’t being naïve but I knew that I had always been careful. But who knows? I never went for the test, therefore, I will never know. It could be that it might have been the coronavirus but the self-quarantine we made after we had the flu was very helpful. It was a relief to know that I was better and that experience helped me continue following the safety guidelines which I still do even up to now.