Life has been hard for the last few years, but life became so much harder when this COVID-19 attacked us. Most especially when quarantine was being announced. On one side, as a teacher I experienced what I have been dreaming of, to have a rest and for some time rest from the clerical work that needed to be done. But as it goes by I really experienced the hardship of life, especially financial crisis.

Without any finances to support my needs, my family needs, that we must have stocked food because of the fear that we will have a total lockdown or even martial law. But the fact that I don’t have money to support the basic needs. I told myself I will die not because of this pandemic but because of financial needs.

But what is really touching my heart is the life of the president. He is not only thinking of his family but the entire Philippines. Imagine how many populations do we have in our country but still he can manage despite his age. Those people who have been in the house and no work but still living. Why should I complain and be afraid of COVID-19? God is good all the time and he is there to provide everything. What is really matters and what this pandemic made me realize is that we must learn to be humble most of all to God. Accept that we are all sinners. Ask forgiveness and live a life that is good in the eyes of God.

This pandemic is awakening us of what we are now and that we are already forgetting God. That God is realizing it and it is not yet too late to repent and be with him.