A very warm welcome to everyone reading my story. My name is Irshad A, and as a freelancer, I would like to convey the impact of coronavirus on my freelancing career through my story. I have been working with many organizations instead of being a permanent employee. The drawbacks I have been facing due to COVID-19 and the most important one is the financial constraint.

The lockdown has stopped everything leading to a full stop in the circulation of money. The coronavirus pandemic has strongly affected every single person, everyone works to earn money and afford a living since earning has stopped it seems like the world has stopped.

People are supposed to be at home. The slogan “stay home, stay safe,” is used frequently but people fail to understand it. Hence I would like to conclude my story by saying that every coin has two sides in the same manner. Coronavirus has stopped everything but it has also given us time for ourselves and our family.

Therefore, I request every citizen to stand together, be united and let’s fight together against COVID-19.