I am Uroosa S. studying in Shenyang, China for the past two years. I am also doing a job as a Quality Assurance Engineer in a software company.

As COVID-19 started in China, we were really scared but I decided not to go back to my country Pakistan because I had full faith in the Chinese government. The Chinese government has taken care of international students even more than they did for the citizens of China.  While the lockdown and COVID-19 fear came at an unprecedented time, it could not be a more opportune time to do everything you wanted to but couldn’t!

There are going to be times when you are out of ‘good’ grocery and will have to make something out of the leftover grocery. This is when you can google recipes online and get creative with cooking. Now I am regularly cooking, the habit will stick even once I am back to work!

I miss my family and once my thesis is done, I will move back to my home country. I learned a lot, both from an educational and social point of view.

I learned to be patient
I learned to tackle the worldly problems with great might and endurance
I learned to overcome my fears and learned some social distancing also
I learned that family is the most important thing in life it can make you a whole of a better person.

I learned some new skills in the field of software engineering,
I learned new things related to programming, designing\code analysis, and writing
I learned new things related to problem solving and skills related to
communication and public relations.