I am Alif.  I am now studying in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Mymensingh Engineering College.

COVID-19 is a world pandemic and as we all know, it has harmed our economic status, educational status, social status, and much more. It has slowed down our daily lives and also mine. I used to lead a very simple routined life. I used to go to classes in the morning, then after having my lunch I used to rest a bit. In the evenings I played cricket daily. It is my passion. Then I ate some snacks often, then I do freelancing, gaming, studying sometimes. That’s how I used to pass my life before this pandemic.

But now I have nothing to do except eat, sleep, study, gaming, and freelance. I have added some new routines in my life which are seeing movies regularly, exercising, exploring many new things, doing online courses. These are helpful.
In my point of view, COVID-19 has much more negative side effects than positive side effects. We all know that nature is regenerating and related to all that kind of stuff happening all around the world. All we can do is pray and hope that this ends soon and we all get our normal lives back. Thank you.