My name is Ludin M., I am an environmental engineer. Through quarantine, I spend my quarantine at my father’s farm in the town of San Vito de Coto Brus, very south of the province of Puntarenas – Costa Rica.

The quarantine affected me greatly since I was in the process of preparing and researching my thesis for my postgraduate degree in Environmental Engineering. Due to the health emergency, everything was paused, in addition to other projects such as being able to access my passport and traveling to see places that I have longed for years to see in other countries.

The positive side is that at home we all learned to manage coexistence, to dialogue more with each other, we even learned to manage the farm. All of us as a family have been aware of each and every one of the animals and trees in the house. Another bad, sad or frustrating factor is the fact that we have not yet been able to see close relatives, we know that if we are close, we will not be able to greet, hug and express all the love we have for each other.

Now from home I just hope this happens soon so I can run out to say hello and give a hug to each and every one of my close family and friends. and reflect and think that despite so much difficulty and having countries with a lot of power where they believed they had control of everything and now they realize that this is not really the case, they are trying to make changes through new policies.

It only remains to trust a supreme being who is the only one who can get us out of this situation of uncertainty and who has the power to change all this, so those who are apart from Him have no choice but to seek him and ask for his help and protection and let everything flow and you will be done.