I am living in the town of Sargodha in Pakistan. We were aware of COVID-19 as it hit in China and Pakistani media was covering the disease but people were not fully aware of the consequences of this virus and its implication on a global level.

Here, no safety measures were taken and life was going normal. In the second week of March, there were some cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan and there was a concern in public and government. Suddenly everyone realized that the condition will be critical and the situation will be out of control if it started spreading in the country. So on the 23rd of March 2020 Pakistani provincial government announced a lockdown for 15 days. Even public transport was stopped and shops were closed and only food items and medical facilities were allowed. Many people lost their jobs due to this lockdown.

I was at home at that time when the lockdown was announced. So I was confined to home as I work for a well-reputed organization and its priority was the safety of the people, so my organization told me to stay at home and keep social distancing. I remained at home for at least 35 days. After that, I got a call from my organization and they told me to come back to my job. So I traveled to my workplace and here I am working with my organization and following social distancing standard operating procedures issued by the government of Pakistan.

During the days I spent at home I observed that the condition of people was not good and everyone was worried about the future. The daily wage laborers and workers were depressed regarding their economic condition and lockdown imposed a great threat on the earnings of these people. Although the rich and generous people help the needy guys the people with repute are in real danger. This virus has changed the condition and lifestyle of almost the whole world.