I was reading through these emotionally moving stories and for me, I can intensely relate to some of these stories. COVID-19 has left suspense in our lives. At some point, I faced similar changes which I will briefly talk about in a moment. Let me talk about the impact COVID-19 has had on the economy and how this personally affected me.

The impact of COVID-19 on the economy has been disastrous. The prices of goods and services have had a drastic exponential increase during this horrid time. For example, I know of some items that have doubled in price during this time. This has resulted in some companies cutting down on the number of employees and to a worse extent, other companies have stopped operating as a whole. Everything has changed for the worst and it is now impossible to live on the exact amount of money that previously would have been sufficient enough.

Sadly enough, a lot of people who have lost jobs during these unfortunate times have opted to make major lifestyle changes so as to find other sources of money. For example, a friend had to sell his house and then shift to the village so as to invest in farming. It has not been sunshine and rainbows for some of us who were lucky enough to keep our jobs. Time and again I have had to face new challenges just for the need to have food on the table.

I am an engineer by occupation. I work in the mines to maintain the functionality of some machines. The work has been massive on our part ever since the number of workers was cut off. I remember a time I had to do two shifts because a colleague who had to work the other shift wasn’t feeling well. I have little time with my family and in truth, it is quite frustrating to spend massive hours at work but can’t spend much time with the people whom you are sacrificing for and who mean the most to you.

My life has been busy; I don’t even have time to hear myself think so to speak. I have had to learn new skills and endeavor intense training to amass information and skills so as to work in other sectors or departments in the mines. I have not had it easy even though I am thankful I still kept my job.