My name is Abdelrahman M. I am 28 years old and I am from Egypt. I live in Cairo and I am working as an SAP consultant with an SAP vendor in Egypt for about one year and a half.

About the situation with the COVID-19, everything was going very fine with my life and life for my family until the pandemic of coronavirus. For example,  The management was first hesitant about giving us the permission to work from home, as our nature of work is taking requirements from customers. They guarantee this option if the work stability is not affected. They gave us the permission and we started to work from home but that situation not very comfortable for me. I prefer to work from my office. I consider myself a person who needs to be in contact with other people. I am a very sociable person.

In Egypt, the lockdown started by March 3. I have been working from home since this day. My mom went with my aunt in a place -a summer destination- since the start of pandemic, to be isolated from crowded Cairo. I go to my mom once each week in the weekend to give them supplies and see them, then return back to my home. I currently live alone, I go to my sister each day to have lunch and return back before the curfew, this routine until now.

Actually, this pandemic made me close to my family and also let me save money from my salary where it can be used later. However, it made my mother scared about returning back to Cairo in order not to get infected, and we cannot return to our normal live of enjoying the several destinations or hangout with friends and family.