This is Sumaiya S., from Bangladesh, introducing myself as a doctor. Being a doctor, I can feel the screaming of coronavirus patients very closely.

I worked in Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital, where we provide COVID-19 treatment to patients of impoverished economic backgrounds. We had a legendary professor named Dr. Tarek Alam who provided treatment for coronavirus patients at a very low cost. According to Professor Dr. Tarek Alam’s treatment protocol, we could reduce the death rate of our hospital. We used cap. doxycycline and tablet. ivermectin as well as tab. zinc, in this protocol. So the consequences of COVID-19 effects could be minimized as early as we started the treatment.

The most shocking part was that most poor people do not believe in coronavirus despite being affected every day. Their only concern is to feed their family. And it’s the most heart-touching part, that their level of thinking is if they will die, it will be from lack of food and not the coronavirus disease! We tried to counsel them, but they couldn’t keep faith in us. The term lockdown is a nightmare to them because when there is no work, there’s no money for them and no food in their homes. We failed to raise consciousness among a mass portion of the total population in our country as most of them belong to a very poor economic status. If we can make them aware of the consequences and tremendous effects of the coronavirus, I think we could have minimized the affecting rate of our country. That’s made me frustrated.

Every day I came back from my work, found lots of food on my table then I realized the hardship of life and why people are so neglectful during this virus. But the bitter truth is that we have to accept the reality and shouldn’t stop making people aware of the harmful effects of the coronavirus. We are a very emotional nation by nature. Our emotions are more than reality, and we saw the overcrowded pictures of home-going people celebrating their Eid with their family and friends, ignoring the devastating effects of the coronavirus.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future; being a doctor, I did 24 hours duty almost every alternative day in my hospital. I have a baby girl at my home whom I could not see for at least 24 hours and I couldn’t hug her when I came back to my home. I know how it hurts to stay away from a loved one. But we have to think with the brain, not with the heart in this pandemic situation. If people consider a little bit to keep their emotions in them, I think we can control the situation more.

It’s not only the COVID-19 positive people who are suffering. We all are going to face the same troubles and difficulties if we are not all concerned about it.