Before the pandemic, everything at work and home was wonderful. Financially, spiritually and mentally. But when COVID-19 hit, the fear of reduced hours, financial struggles, a test of faith, and trying to make ends meet all hit hard. It all felt unreal. We were blessed to not be released from work. I was blessed to still have a little in my pocket after faithfully paying my tithes. Similar car dealerships released 70% of their staff because of COVID-19 but we were lucky. Things aren’t all set yet, but it’s better than before.

I realized that this pandemic can bring both the best and the worst in us. When we feel hopeless and worried about losing our job or being sick or infected with the virus anytime soon, it can bring the worst in us. But if we focus on the good things and things that can bring us hope, that lifts our spirits high! Although I have been blessed to still have a small source of earning, I can see people, some of my friends and family struggling to keep a decent earning. That is saddening to witness but I always try to see the good things and put my faith in God and know that He is at hand and that He will always bless His children according to their faith.

I know COVID-19 did hit us all really hard, but if we strive to be productive and be creative and always trust in God, I know we all can thrive despite all the hardships. I believe that soon everything will be okay, for good.