In this time of uncertainty, not knowing what is going to happen the next minute, scares everyone. Being someone who loves to explore and meet others, staying at home for months was a great challenge for me. It’s difficult to see the silver lining of this pandemic, but I try to fill every day with smiles since there is already a great amount of negativity in the world.

Enduring quarantine, I found time for self-care and self-development. I found a new value in life and made steps to get closer to the best version of myself. For me, taking care of my health is a way to be harmonic and balanced. I started to exercise every day and explore the world of nutrition. Thousands of lectures and books about eating healthy changed my perspective and gave me colorful lenses to look at the bleached world. I used everything that I did consciously as meditation. I started to take control of things that depended on me and neglected all the other things that gave me antipathetic views. Food became more than just a thing that I consume to expel hunger. Workout and meditation became a huge gulp of fresh air. As I remember myself, I was always in action and loved to complete activities that my body could thank me for. After this self-discovery, I feel confident and healthy both mentally and physically. Through quarantine, I found out that loving life is the best practice of finding yourself.

So, to sum up, I can confidently say that COVID-19 had a positive impact on my life and my future. I really hope that people will try to find positivity in every situation.