My name is Hamza B., and I am an Information Technology Professional. I graduated in March 2019. For almost a year, I was jobless and was learning new skills at home. I got a job as a graphic designer in a software company in February 2020. At the start of March 2020, the government made a lockdown in our country due to the coronavirus. Then I started working from home for my company but my company fired me because of my working routines at home.

I was jobless again and very much worried about my future because my parents spent a lot on my studies. I started browsing on the internet about what I could do online to earn and I came to know about affiliate marketing. Then I started as an affiliate marketer on Amazon. Afterward, I explored Amazon as a seller.

The next task was to find an investor and it was very challenging for me. I joined Facebook groups and LinkedIn to connect with people from the Amazon community and I sent proposals to investors to invest in a product. Luckily, an investor agreed to invest in a product to sell on Amazon. Now, I am doing market research and will be launching a product in a month on Amazon.

My lesson to all is if you think you can achieve something, just work hard to achieve that and don’t think about challenges or hurdles on your way.