February started and I started a new job. I am a journalist and just hours after being fired from my old job, I was called from the most-watched channel on Chilean television to work on their newscast. That joy lasts until today, without a doubt, a challenge in my professional career that I have always been waiting for.

And what a challenge I took, back then, the coronavirus was a topic in Europe, but not here yet. It took a month and on March 3, the first infected person was confirmed and all the coverage turned directly to inform, raise awareness, explain and help.

We currently have more than 160,000 infected and we are on the verge of 3,000 deaths. I have been there, on the frontline covering the COVID-19 situation, from the Government Palace, asking and questioning the authorities, as well as learning stories of poverty, abandonment, and terrible injustices. Today I spend my days at home almost every day, reporting and writing stories. I am happy, it is my job and I do it from my heart. I am tired, but also hopeful that we will turn the game around.

I have not seen my family, partner, and friends for more than 3 months. I am there, face to face with the risk and for the love of them, I do not go near them. I take good care of myself, I have an infinity of protocols at home and on the street and despite that, when they did the PCR I was scared because we are always exposed, fortunately, it was negative.

I would like consciousness to be contagious too, because the only thing we see here in Chile in the last days is how the number of infected rose to thousands and currently the number of the deceased is to the hundreds, and still people continue to leave. Quarantining the Chilean thus so far has not produced any results.