Hello everyone. I am Lynne, and I have 2 kids that ended up homeschooling, when the school announced that they have followed the government’s advice to shutdown until further notice, my husband and I knew that the kids had to continue with their lessons.

My husband is a policeman and we both are still working during this pandemic. I couldn’t agree more for the kids to stay home as I worry about their safety, but living without a nanny (since our nanny decided to go back to her hometown) and my husband and I are unable to stay home to look after them or to homeschool them, it was tough. I couldn’t think of any way to be able to look after them. My parents live in a different state and we have no other relatives here. They are also scared to travel as many cases are being reported every single day.

For now, my husband takes care of my kids during the night and I take care of them during the day with little to no sleep for both of us. It is really hard. I’m glad that there are online classes my kids can take in the meantime. It may not be enough but we know they could still learn something even if it’s not all they need to learn as they did from their school.

As a frontliner, I have witnessed how hard it is to have the virus and how it can easily take lives especially if you have a very weak immune system. I beg everyone to please take good care of yourselves and please strictly follow the advice of the government to stay home if you have no need to really go out. This will help us lessen the cases and hopefully go back to our normal lives the soonest possible.