This is my story, but I’m telling it to my granddaughter so she can write and share it here. I am Tigranuhi from Armenia, I am a retired teacher and I want to tell you about my experience of getting infected with COVID-19.

I will celebrate my 90th birthday in a few days (late May 2021). I have always been as fit as a fiddle. However, two months ago I was in a very bad condition.

In March 2020, COVID-19 visited Armenia and one year later, in March 2021, I got infected. Before that, I was very happy that I didn’t catch the virus, but one day it happened. I had a fever for a week, got very gaunt, skinny, and pale. It was unusual for my great-grandchildren since I have always been very active and talkative. I didn’t talk at all, didn’t have an appetite, and wanted to lay down all day long. My grandchildren called the local doctors and I got hospitalized and isolated. My great-grandchildren called me every day and told me they missed me because there was no one to tell them stories about the 1950’s lifestyle, garden and flowers, and Indian tv-series. I missed them too, but I found the power to fight the virus to see them as soon as possible. The doctors were surprised at how fast I got better. Each day was better and I was very excited. After I came back from the hospital, I was the same energized grandma, and I was even more active.

One day, when we were all gathered together, I told my grandchildren that after getting infected, my life has changed, because I thought that I was given another life. I even told them I want to celebrate my birthday once every five years, as I want to live longer. And after coming back from the hospital, I became more caring, didn’t let my grandchildren go outside without a mask, since I now think that the worst thing about COVID-19 isn’t being sick, it is not being able to see your loved ones, and being isolated in a hospital. That’s why I don’t want anyone to get infected with the virus.