My name is Erika and I live in Mesa AZ. I am a plain housewife and I have 3 kids, all are of school age. How this Covid19 affected our lives?

Something good, something bad. I want to start with the bad things first. My husband works as a driver for a cab company. The company he works for has to shut down temporarily and that gives him no job. He looked for a job and is currently doing part-time, doing deliveries at a restaurant as we need to have some money to survive. Our kids stopped schooling, as schools closed until the next school year. I am homeschooling them and I have no experience with that but as a mother, I do my best for them. I make sure they read their books, I give them homework too based on the topics we discuss every day. It’s challenging to do homeschooling and at the same time, household chores. I salute those mothers who do so, esp single moms.

Now the good things. Fortunately for us, no one in our household has been sick since this pandemic. Unfortunately, a family member from a different city has died and some others have been infected. It’s so sad that we couldn’t see them as we are scared to go out and possibly get infected too. I pray for everyone’s safety as we battle this pandemic. Some things I heard that virus can’t survive the heat and luckily we’re reaching almost 100 degrees in Mesa which is nice Spring weather for days now and it seems going towards summer already.

The city was supposed to lift the lockdown end of April but for some reason, they extended it to May 15th. I know things will not go back to normal right away but I pray that the virus will stop spreading.