For over 10 years, I have been working at a bank, waiting on a paycheck every month. I never expected a day to come that will bring changes to my entire well-being. I am very punctual and highly effective. Even my boss speaks greatly of me. The outbreak of the virus became the hallow of my perfect job. It saw me break down and left me confused as to what direction to follow. I never learned a skill as a young lady, all I had in mind was to grow up, get a job, and live my life with the hope of a perfect family in the future.

On a fateful morning, as usual, I went in the work for the day with a positive mind of making deals and computing the task for the day. There I was, smiling at the sight of my boss, who wasn’t even smiling back at anyone. I have never seen him this disoriented, he looked really confused, I could tell from the look on his face. It was almost 4 pm, he greeted everyone and told us how great we were at what we are doing, managing customers and creating accounts alongside protecting accounts. He said, “this is really painful but it is a necessary move from the head office of my bank. We have to let about 15 staff out of the office, we can’t handle them as the pandemic is affecting every sector.”

Each and every one of us was given a letter by the secretary. We’d been relieved of our jobs. I have lost the only job I know perfectly. How am I supposed to eat? What do I do? I kept asking myself. That was when I realized I haven’t really read a book other than the ones that have to do with banking activities. I won’t let one negative thought ruin my life. I don’t know when the lockdown will end, but I do know the information I have at hand at the moment would serve me better. I will learn to build my empire. The pandemic won’t be the end of me.

COVID-19 has made me realize how overworked I have become. I look pale but happy as I was really happy at my job. I have picked interest in reading books, I am stuck with a book at the moment “Why We Want You to be Rich” by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. I won’t give room for the coronavirus to be the end of me. I won’t let it take away my joy, as once sadness creeps in, it needs depression and depression isn’t a good sign.