My name is Gonzalo, a Mexican living in the United States for 15 years. After spending several years in the food market, I had to close my restaurant for the coronavirus. The number of people infected every day increases more in Washington, the place where I had my restaurant, and for this reason, sales began to decline, people no longer frequented my restaurant as before, and the last few weeks we had daily clients of only 10 people a day maximum, which made us decide to close.

For me, that restaurant meant happiness, my dream, and that of my family when coming to this country. As a young man, I always wanted to be able to come to the United States because I knew that the food of my country was going to be a success in the United States. And so it was for several years, from the first day we opened our restaurant, people loved our food; Personally, I always liked cooking since I was little, as did my wife. With whom we decided to start a small restaurant since we lived in Washington. That restaurant was the sustenance of me and my family, it was our ideal job. We never thought to close, much less because of a situation like this.

Supporting a restaurant is a complex process, for that reason, although I knew I was going to be affected by the pandemic due to reduced sales, I never imagined that we would have to close our doors permanently. But we had no other options, we paid rent for the premises and without a good number of clients, it was impossible to pay that high cost.