I heard about Covid -19 when it started in China. In fact, most of us just called it coronavirus. Like many people, we didn’t take it seriously at first. It was a joke to us since it was still far away from home.

I only started getting concerned when active cases were now in countries neighbouring my own. That is when I started finding out about its symptoms and methods of prevention.

Covid 19 has had both positive and negative effects on my way of life right now. On the positive side, I get to work in the comfort of my home (I am among the lucky few that get to keep their jobs), close to the people I love and feel safe here. All the above is due to the restrictions that have been set by my government on the movement of people and cars.

On the negative side, these government-set restrictions have made it nearly impossible to find food in my area. I stay in a remote place (ssanda- nakawuka), and I have to walk 2km to and fro to get food. The food has become scarce and way more expensive than usual. This has forced us to reduce our food portions and the types we were used to eating. Basically, we eat what is available.

All in all, we are keeping faith and hope that all this will be over soon.