It started in March; the law firm I worked for continued to operate and let its employees work from home. A few of my co-workers were exposed to the coronavirus and got infected so they had to quarantine themselves. The co-worker who mainly responds to inquiries on behalf of the company had to quit as she was on quarantine for a long time, so the company passed all her responsibilities to me on top of my job responsibilities.

I did this for a good couple of months until they found a replacement for the receptionist. A couple of weeks after hiring the receptionist, my boss told me that I was getting laid off due to the coronavirus. But then the newly hired person was asking me what the responsibilities are that I was leaving him with so it doesn’t make any sense to me.

Up until now, I do not believe I got laid off because of the virus. I know I got fired. But what I don’t and can’t understand is why?

I was out of a job for two months but I did not give up finding a new one even though it was really tough especially because of what’s going on with businesses nowadays. I found one, actually, I found two jobs that were really wanting to hire me but I could only choose one. With this pandemic, I had to choose the one that pays well because it’s hard to know if they are going to be able to keep me as this pandemic continues. I’m very grateful and happy with my new job now.