A lot of people will agree that a call center environment is not safe to work in when someone is spreading a virus. In most of the call center offices I worked at, we did not have our own stations. We have to find an available seat every single day. That means you do not know who sat there before you, who used the computer, and whatnot.

As far as I can remember, we did not have the lockdown until almost the end of March, even though we’re so close to the country where it all started. It even spread in the US first before us. A lot of phone calls from our US customers have been asking how we’re dealing with the virus and they were all surprised that we still work in an office. That’s why we raised our concerns to the management as it’s really not safe at all, the virus has killed and is still killing people.

Our management has taken action to send us all home but they haven’t thought of doing our jobs from home yet, given that it would take so much time to set up all the equipment for thousands of employees. At least at some point, we were still getting paid. But it did not take that long for the company to set up everything and we continued to work, up until now. Those who have no internet at home were asked to put up an internet provided and paid for by the company and will be used until we go back to work in the office. They value the employees working for them as much as they value their business. I am so thankful that we’re safe and we get to keep our jobs and continue to provide food on the table.