I felt that the pandemic didn’t affect my life and work at all. Although I have seen many people affected by the virus in my place, personally, I wasn’t affected by it. I was still able to work and do the things that I needed to do. But one thing I found difficult was the traveling.

Since the pandemic started, many airlines closed and restrictions were made with a lot of changes in rules. I was devastated because I lost many training opportunities overseas. But what I did was just to focus on what I could do within my reach and my country. My family was also safe during this pandemic. I was afraid for them most of the time but when I saw how to handle the situation and just do our part to take care of our family, I wasn’t afraid anymore for them. I am just grateful that my kids were all protected during the pandemic even until now.

Throughout this pandemic, I personally think that the government played a very important role to protect the people. I see how they did their best to inform the people on what to do and what can be done to cure and prevent the virus. I feel lucky that I was born in China. Although we are the first people to have been infected by COVID-19, I saw how our country worked well to fight it and stand up above it.

I hope that other countries will also be able to overcome the virus soon and be back to their normal lives again. Everyone deserves to continue living their lives in this world wherever they are.