Corona!! It’s a virus that is hard to control, deadly, and man-made.

COVID-19 has caused a bad effect on my economic situation, now I have a lot of people to support. My sister is not getting paid anymore. They were told no work, no pay and I need to take over. She depends on me, which is very hard for me. Some of my relatives depend on selling in the open market whereby the police closed it and threw away the stock they had at hand. Now it will be hard to support their children with daily bread. This made me take over. It’s very bad that I’m not even allowed to visit my relatives, due to my profession they even called me to tell me not to visit, because I may infect them with the coronavirus, to them just because I’m working in the hospital where the case was nursed though under isolation I am highly infectious.

This time I’m forced to be indoors after work, places are closed where we used to go out with friends just to relax our mind. Corona made me feel uncomfortable at my workplace. The fact is that I’m a nurse and most of the sick people have to come to the hospital for medical attention. My mind has registered that everyone who comes with difficulty in breathing and high temperature can be a covid-19 case. The community now has fear and their mindset is affected and so they come to the hospital thinking they have the virus. Taking care of a lot of people from the community that you do not know who they came in contact with, is a bit scary and this makes me wash my hand like crazy, to the extent of washing them even if I did not touch anything. I feel dirty all the time and so uncomfortable, but what gives me courage about all of this is that I’m proud to help my nation. I even have dreams of my ward admitting Corona patients. I can say my financial situation is not much affected like others since I’m still working and my monthly salary still comes normally.

Most vulnerable people are standing at the constituency office looking for donations because they have no food in their houses eat, the donations made where people got N$750-00 but this was not enough at all as the money is not enough for rent, food, and utility bills for a month this is nothing at all.

I strongly believe that there is no problem without a solution. One day will be out of this dilemma and everything will work for good. I know it will be hard for us to pick up the broken pieces but with the grace of the Lord will make it again.