I have always wanted to be my own person. To be bold, strong, and to learn the art of Independence. Loneliness has been the companion I have held unto. It is the force that drives me to do more.

I lost my parents at a very young age to a car accident and ever since I remember I have been working to provide for my siblings.  We are 5 in total and this has been a great journey so far.

However, with the outbreak of the coronavirus, I am faced with so many challenges as to how to provide and sustain each one of my siblings. I do not want us to get scattered by the government. I began to go back into the dark days, how I miss my parents. How I want them to be by my side. I thought my wounds were healed not knowing that a time will come when I will wish for the heavens to open and my parents to be with us again. To tell us everything will be okay.

I have been laid off from my place of duties and currently unemployed; we now eat once a day. I still go about looking for a place to work and earn a little penny but this has been difficult as no one wants to employ me. My younger ones are still tender, our last born is only 7yrs old and is yet to understand the troubles with life.

The only candle I have burning is hope. Life is a treasure. I realized this when COVID-19 came. Life is the only gift that should be protected even by the government. A shelter over my family is all I need and I know for a fact that one day, I will look upon my sad days and smile.

Cheers to a better future!