My symptoms started about mid of March. Week one, I had only a little bit of sore throat. End of week two, it suddenly went worse. A lot of typical COVID-19 symptoms came at this time, but no fever. My temperature was between 35,5 36,8. The biggest problem is related to breathing, it was difficult for many weeks. Also, insomnia started after these breathing problems.

I also noticed that my pulse was much higher than normal. It was about 10 or 20 beats over the normal level. I got a good sleeping pill. I tried to rest and rest whenever I noticed that my pulse was too high. After many weeks this problem has been finished. Occasional fatigue has been also finished. After 7 weeks I noticed that I am not so ill as before. It was possible to do more things in my house. Week 8 I started to go outdoor. I also started to walk but then I noticed that many symptoms came back if I tried to do more physical things. I didn’t walk outside anymore. I tried to rest more. It seemed to be the best solution for me. My recovery was better if I only rest.

I have now week 12. I have had many good days. I can do almost all things in my house but sometimes I have to take a pause during my home activities. I have still some symptoms e.g. my lungs aren’t yet fully recovered. But I have started cycling and I hope that I can start walking and maybe running soon. I can see that the symptoms have been come and went all the time but those have been lower every time.

Hopefully, I will fully recover soon.