My name is Raisa E., and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a housewife, therefore, I don’t have to go out for long periods. I don’t go outside every day. So, the lockdown doesn’t affect me very much. I stay home all the time.

When I first heard the news of COVID-19. I didn’t care at the time. But when I saw on the news that thousands of people are dying from this virus I was shocked. In this modern era of medical equipment, thousands of people are dying because of a virus. At a time, the virus also come to Bangladesh. At first, the virus hadn’t spread so much, but the country goes to lockdown announced by the government. The people then go to their home villages from the capital. Like it’s a vacation for them. And the virus spread so much. Current COVID-19 affected people are around 2,948 and around 100 people died.

Our government is trying its best to get out of this situation. But only government can’t fight against this virus. We all have to participate in the fight against this COVID-19. Our participation will be staying at home. When the government announced the lockdown of universities, colleges, offices, etc. I ordered my children to come home, don’t go outside at all if it isn’t an emergency. My husband often tries to sneak out of the room and go outside. But I have an eye on him always. When he tries to go outside I grabbed him and told him to watch TV or help me with the dishes. Then he doesn’t try to go outside. People are bored of staying home too long. But if we didn’t stay at home, we have to stay in the hospital as a patient of COVID-19.

So, I will try to tell people that, it isn’t a good option to stay at home. But if we want to stay alive then we have to stay home. So, stay home for your children and family. Good luck to all.