My name is Jerry L., a student at Makerere University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human resource. COVID-19 has affected my life or more accurately my 2020 plans in a destructive way.

The pandemic has chewed through half my semester and given the content we had covered in school so far, I do not think we shall be fit to do exams immediately it’s over, and honestly, I really doubt we shall have the time to cover up. Also being the speaker of the human resource association at school, I have the task of having to brainstorm with my fellow executive members how we are going to make up for all the events that have been halted because of the pandemic. For example; the academic clinic, the human resource bootcamp, and the dinner that the students in the faculty were very much looking forward to and we had already made deposits on some things like the venue. So we may incur a huge loss.

What’s even more devastating is that the hopes of the pandemic ending seem minimal because the lockdown may be pushed till June. Not that am against it, it is the right thing to do after all so that lives can be saved. Prevention is better than cure but I think we are way past that stage now, personally, I pray a cure is found soon because that’s the only way things can get back to normal fast.

On a positive note (the word positive no longer seems exciting given the use of it to ascertain someone’s status of having the virus) because of this pandemic, I have been able to bond strongly with my family through the various family activities we do together. I have also watched how human resource managers in organizations are handling this situation salary and employment wise and I wish I could have a chance to interview them and learn why they have made the decisions they have chosen.

I have used this time to read all the books I had to read this year and as such, I have created space for more books to read on my calendar, which is satisfying. And also I have used this time to get to know some of my friends deeply, share bible scriptures, stories about our lives so far, and dreams.

The closeness that is developing every day is fascinating, hey I might even have found love! I hope the closeness stays that way when this all comes to an end.