Did you know that the International Space Station (ISS) orbits the earth every 90 minutes or about 16 times a day according to NASA? One of my most favorite things to do is tracking when the ISS flies over our house, then my dad and I stand in our garden when it’s dark and watch it. It looks like a light passing by very fast. The light is different from an airplane light so you cannot mistake it. Hello, my name is Jakob and I’m a student. I live in a peaceful neighborhood in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One day in March 2020, I was walking with my mom and we saw two people walking in front of us. We were about 100 feet behind them. The second they looked back and saw us they panicked and started running away. They ran so fast and into the bushes and almost fell down the hill! Mom and I thought it was very funny and couldn’t stop laughing! It was just strange to see people (neighbors) running away from us just because they thought they might catch COVID-19. That was early on at the start of coronavirus. 

Another time, in January 2021, I was out at a store with my mom. My mom loves meeting and talking to new people when she’s out running her errands. Anyway, on this day I met another kid and we became friends at that one moment. The funny and strange thing about this is that we never really got to see each other’s faces because we were wearing masks. I wonder if we’d ever recognize each other if we met again without the masks. 

My life has changed because of coronavirus. I used to meet up with my friends after school and sometimes on the weekends but now we can’t meet up. We have to call each other if we want to talk and play. I have to do all my schoolwork online on ZOOM, which I do not like because that is too many hours inside the house and in front of the computer.

Since COVID-19 started I mainly go for walks, do my schoolwork and read my books. I walk or ride my bike for about 30 minutes to one hour. Oh! by the way, I also play the piano.

I hope you enjoyed my story, and please everyone, stay at home and be safe so that we kids can get back to school in our classrooms.