COVID-19 came like a full stop to my everyday work-life. It initially disrupted mine and my family members’ lives. We felt very cut off from the rest of the world. There was a deep fear around, especially because the medical infrastructure of my country is good but the policymakers and administrative leaders have been useless.

Calling up my family frequently to check on them, taking care of each other, the poor and needy, and keeping my hopes alive, has been my strength.

This crisis has revealed every other crisis within the Indian society and government, I don’t think my prime minister is of any use if he couldn’t send back migrants to their homes and they had to die on the way. The prime minister declared a lockdown, this lockdown has ruined everyone, our GDP is in the negative now. Apart from his useless talk shows there isn’t much that he has done. Oh yes! During a crisis like this, he has inaugurated a ‘Ram Mandir ‘ in Ayodhya, at the site of the erstwhile Babri masjid.

Fighting COVID-19 entirely fell on our doctors, most of whom were also affected by it but kept fighting nonetheless. Our policemen helped fight COVID-19, our daily grocery stores helped fight COVID-19. ¬†We’re grateful to the numerous medicine stores which remained open even during the lockdown.

Life has become very difficult for the common man and daily wage earners. Many people have finished their savings, many people have died due to other diseases because hospitals refused to take them in during this public health crisis. Other diseases, hunger, and joblessness killed more people than COVID-19. I can only hope that the story of the Indian government’s incompetency is shared and other nations are made aware. Thank you.