I am a senior citizen and my pension is my source of income. COVID-19 changed me a lot. I can’t go out to enjoy my retirement years. I have so many plans since I was able to save money. COVID-19 also affected my investments wherein I withdrew my funds as soon as I could to avoid further damages.

I spend my time at my home reading. All the items we buy from the grocery are being disinfected thoroughly. We sanitize everything. Is this the new normal? Is this the life I am going to live? I wish to visit my relatives but I cannot. I hope we will come back to our normal lives, the way it was before. I fear being infected by this disease. I am afraid to go out. I can’t see my enemy. I don’t know who is affected. It hurts me. All I do is pray and hope that this will end so all of us can continue living our lives the way we want, the way we wanted it to.

COVID-19 made me appreciate my life. I never imagined I am still lucky. Hoping for the best for everyone. This too shall pass.