I’m Zaviyar, a farmer in Karachi, Pakistan.  I have asked my niece to share my story below.

Early in 2021, my uncle named Zaviyar visited Iran, and after spending a few days, he returned to Pakistan. Everything was perfectly alright by then. But four or five days after he came back, he started feeling cold sensations in his hands and feet. Initially, everyone in the home thought it was just because of the cold weather, but the situation got worse when other symptoms of the coronavirus appeared. These symptoms were weakness, dizziness, fever, cough, and sore throat. It made all the family members distressed and frightened as the second wave of the coronavirus was flaring up in Pakistan.

Then my uncle consulted a doctor instantly and he was diagnosed with the widespread monstrous disease, COVID-19. The doctor said that on average, symptoms of coronavirus take five to six days to appear. That’s why when he initially came back he was physically fit. He was sent to the isolation ward where his treatment began. Luckily, his respiratory system did not get affected as he was diagnosed at an early stage. He was isolated for fourteen days. Those were the worst days of his life because he had to be away from his family while suffering from a severe disease.

For us, it wasn’t easy to accept the reality that we were not allowed to see him and take care of him. My uncle is an optimistic person and he believed that he would get rid of this virus. He made a swift recovery and was tested again on the 15th day of his isolation and fortunately, he had got rid of the virus completely. Then we took him home, that was a very happy day for the whole family.