During COVID-19 I was afraid to go outside, I felt unsafe and often asking myself: “Do I have the COVID-19 virus?” The gyms were closed, the city was locked down and I could not go inside any establishment in the city. Because of this pandemic, I could not even visit my parents in my hometown which is very far away from Bangkok.

My father got very sick too and that made me worry a lot. During the lockdown, I always ordered my food from Grab online. It was very troublesome but I need to get myself used to it. Also, about wearing masks -I don’t like to wear a mask so I just don’t go outside as much as I can. Boredom is a challenge too. It was very boring when you are stuck in your apartment for 24-hours every day. Sometimes I felt lonely and frustrated because I couldn’t go outside and I developed a lot of negative thoughts also. I could not exercise because the gyms were closed and it made my body really sore because I am used to going to the gym. So I decided to exercise in my own tiny room to sweat and have my body moving.

Working and staying at home for three months has been very stressful. Sometimes I feel like this life is no longer interesting and meaningful anymore. The thing that affected my emotions and mental health were not being able to go to church and not partake of the sacrament. But I am grateful for our online church teachings and the “Come Follow Me” curriculum that helped me to overcome all the bad and negative feelings that I have. Now I am better at coping up with the pandemic. I know everything will be okay soon.