Last year, in winter 2020, I graduated from university as a computer engineer and there were a lot
of opportunities to work as a professional in Vietnam and also abroad! I had planned to apply to a company in Japan that was mostly about artificial intelligence. I was applying to be in their network security team. I was super excited about this opportunity and I was accepted through an online interview. The next step was to move to Japan and work there for three months and then I would be officially hired.

The salary was pretty good and I would have a beautiful life in Japan. I was dreaming of my whole new life there and I was so happy. Unfortunately, the pandemic happened. This coronavirus pandemic became so terrible that I got COVID-19. Countries didn’t let foreigners enter their country if they had got COVID-19. I panicked for a while and got sad and depressed for a while but then I focused on the situation. I talked to the Japanese company and I explained the recent situation of fights and informed them that I couldn’t be there to do my three-month training.

The head of the company (actually it was a small new international company) asked me if I could work
with their team online and get to Japan as soon as Japan entrance limits are gone. I accepted the challenge and I worked with them as a freelancer for about six months. After Japan could control the pandemic and the situation got stable, I packed and moved to Japan to live there until 2022.

After entering Japan, I was quarantined for 14 days and then by wearing a mask and following the
protocols I could live my life in Japan. I’m still working here; the coronavirus paused my plans to get deployed, but I didn’t let it ruin my dreams.